Care & Safety Regulations

How do I care for my shade?

We recommend regular dusting with a dry cloth or occasional light hoovering taking care of any trimmings attached!  Your lampshades should not be dampened.

What lightbulb should I use?

We recommend an LED lightbulb producing approx. 470 lumens/4W. LED filament lightbulbs are perfect for our rattan collection for their attractive eye-catching qualities.  We encourage the use of LED bulbs for their energy efficiency, life span and recyclability. They will not heat up when used and are far safer than the old incandescent lightbulbs.

How can I be sure my lampshade is fire proof?

All my rattan and fabric lined lampshades are sprayed with Fire and Flame Retardant Spray (FLAMETECT), with the exception of my single sided drums/empire shades which are lined with a fire-resistant card which complies with BS EN 60598-1-2008, the British Standard for Luminaries.

Thank you for loving my lampshades!