Amanda's Summer Spotlight!

Amanda's Summer Spotlight!


Amanda's Summer Spotlight!


Firstly, a big thank you to each of you for your interest and support – from old friends who have been with us since the beginning to newer friends we’ve loved meeting along the way, including all those brilliant folk I met at the Ideal Home Show in Glasgow a few weeks ago. It has definitely been a journey! We’ve felt humbled by your support and encouragement and with every lampshade I make, my confidence shines brighter and illuminates the way ahead.

Of course, to grow personally and professionally requires a regular pep talk to self, a reminder to embrace being out of your comfort zone and explore what’s beyond the horizon. My first major exhibition at the Ideal Home Show Scotland in Glasgow a few weeks ago was exactly the deep breath moment I needed. With radio and TV coverage and exhibiting on a scale I haven’t tried before, it was a big leap. Luckily we landed safely on the other side and I was thrilled to be able to showcase all my lampshade and lamp base designs  with so many like minded people who share my love of colour and contrast!

And it was also a reminder that we rarely do this all on our own. Nick and Priscilla Parry af Clock House Furniture generously provided a number of pieces from their beautiful furniture collection to help us dress our exhibition stand. We were also lucky to work with Ottoline’s stunning wallpaper designs to help us stand out from the crowd. A big thank you to you both – I can’t wait until we can work together again. 

If you don’t yet know, Nick and Priscilla founded Clock House Furniture ~35 years ago, sharing their passion and skill to create beautiful bespoke furniture designs. They’re based just outside North Berwick and we have been lucky to benefit from their wealth of experience and their amazing team. 

Ottoline de Vries, is a London-based Dutch designer known for her playful use of colour and composition, and her unique and contemporary patterns, which are inspired by her love of nature, as well as her appreciation of historic styles, cultures and art forms.  

During the Ideal Home Show, I loved staying with my friend Juliet Cadzow (Balamory/River City), currently starring in The Stamping Ground. I saw Juliet and the cast in Edinburgh a few weeks ago – it’s an amazing musical that breathes compelling new life into Runrig’s songs! They are in Perth this weekend so still a chance to get tickets!

Something old to something new… 

As I’m a big believer in the power of transforming something old that you love into something new that you love even more. Thank you Sue for entrusting me with her precious lampshades and allowing me to give them a whole new lease of life. I’m delighted that these old friends have found their place in your newly transformed space. For more information on our Commission Service please get in touch!

Crafty readers, watch this space… 

After receiving lots of enquiries about running lampshade-making workshops, I will soon be collaborating with Hannah from Hanem Interiors. Our first location for the event will be in the exciting new space at Traade, situated in Morningside, Edinburgh. Traade opened it's doors on Saturday 24th July - 43 Morningside Road, EH10 4DR if you are ever close-by pop in!

Keep an eye on our Socials for more information coming soon about the workshops – each event promises to be packed full of fun, colour, coffee and cake! 

Local inspiration

‘Always end on a high’, as my mother-in-law would say. This week, Ed and I took a break from the Studio to celebrate our 43rd birthdays with a coasteering trip along the coastline outside Dunbar with an excellent guide, Malcom, from Belhaven Surf Centre. Blue therapy really is a thing. If you haven’t tried coasteering, we couldn’t recommend it more highly. The Belhaven Surf Centre also works with the The Wave Project helping to improve the mental health and well-being of young people through the power of surf therapy. Never has their work been more needed – you guys are LEGENDS.

And finally - if you love surfing 🌊 check out Lost Shore, a new surf resort opening in Edinburgh in 2024. 

That’s all from me. Until the next time – enjoy the sunny weather and don’t forget to take advantage of 15% off all our lampshades, lamp bases and accessories if you subscribe 😀

Love as aye,

Amanda x


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