A mother’s love…. 

A mother’s love…. 

Since the successful launch of my business, Amanda Wells, just a few weeks ago, I have reflected on what – or who – was at the heart of this journey that propelled it from wishful thinking to yes-this-is-really-happening reality. As in so much else,  my mum was the quiet force that helped me nurture my dream. 

I’d spent 12 years working in the interiors industry whilst living in the South when Covid lockdown hit and I began experimenting with different styles and design ideas. Although unable to see each other, my mum remained close in spirit and her encouragement to be bold and challenge my thinking gave me the courage to take a leap into the unknown. 

In fact, it was on the long journey back to Essex from East Lothian, when we’d finally been able to visit Mum and Dad, that – buoyed by her support – I made the decision to retrain in the artisan craft of lampshade making, move back up here and my future business was born! 

Of course, it didn’t start at that moment. The real beginning was years earlier and in so many moments that my mum helped to shape…

When I was a young girl, Mum loved making smock dresses, often using glorious Liberty prints. As we grew up wild on a farm, they had to be robustly well made as well as beautiful. A lesson I have learnt from.

Years later, when I was newly married and living in a freezing cold cottage in Warwickshire, it was my mum who patiently taught me from a distance – with my phone on loud speaker – each small step for making my first pair of interlined curtains. Once successfully hung in front of our draughty windows, we no longer had to eat breakfast wearing ski gloves! Who needs YouTube when you’ve got your mum on speed-dial?!

I have kept her craftsmanship in mind with every piece I have made, from working with international luxury interiors companies, through my successful soft furnishings business and now into this new chapter of my own bespoke and unique lampshade designs.

I want to dedicate the launch of Amanda Wells to my inspiring and ever-stylish Mum, Denise Gray. I love you and thank you for always being there for me and supporting me.  



Special love to all mothers out there, and to all of us who have so richly benefited from a mother’s love. I am proud to share mine with you today.

 Love Amanda

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